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Concept Training & Consulting (previously JEM Consulting) has been in the Training & Human Resources Consulting business for the past 9 years. We have provided HR Consulting services to small businesses with special interest in the Labour Relations field. Our Vision is to provide excellent, reliable and quality service to every one of our clients – large or small  – through the transfer of knowledge and insight to all our training delegates and consulting clients.

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labour relations

As a Training Provider, we provide applicable, practical, and implementable training courses nationally.  With a combined total of 26 years in the Human Resources and Training field, Concept Training Division is in a position to offer and present training courses either in-house or at a number of venues nationwide.

We also specialise in the areas of Labour Relations, Communication and Fatigue Management training incorporating health and nutrition for today’s stressful lifestyles.

All training courses are of ACTUAL use in the workplace. COURSE DEVELOPMENT can be undertaken to specifically meets our client’s requirements.  You can have your training designed to address specific problem areas sited for improvement within your organisation – small to large.

No longer training which does not meet your needs.  Concept Training Division offers an individualised service providing excellent service and after sales back-up to maintain our relationship with our clients and ensure their loyalty.


As a Human resources consultancy we offer consulting on all aspects of Human Resources.  We cater for total HR solutions for small to medium size businesses which do not have a dedicated HR Department.  We have a special interest in the hospitality, restaurant and catering industries and offer a full range of services from legally correct contracts of employment through to disciplinary hearings and HR systems audits for small businesses.  This allows the small business owner time to focus on their core business without having to deal with day to day staff and labour issues.

  • Are you ready for a Department of Labour Inspection? 
  • Do you know what to do if you receive an attorney’s letter DEMANDING outstanding leave pay/overtime pay?
  • Do you know when you’re allowed to dismiss or not dismiss an employee?
  • Do you have legally correct contracts of employment in place?

If you answered no to any or all of these questions we, at  Concept Training & Consulting, will assess and implement systems and procedures to address these issues and to prepare you for possible future problems by ensuring that your business is Labour Law compliant in every aspect.
We offer Labour and Human Resources advice which could save you thousands on legal fees and CCMA awards.

Human Resources Consulting Services are offered on a monthly retainer basis calculated on a sliding scale based on the number of employees employed.